Lea T.  Thousand Oaks

I was impressed when Andrew showed me how home automation tools could make my world easier and safer, all while saving money.

The video shows what happened on a dark & stormy night - I didn’t feel like answering the door.  Note the double bags - for carrying lots of stuff.  Who would be out in this cold?  You can see her breath.  Then she went to where she seems to peer in my window for a while.  The police showed up quickly.  Think how this could thwart a home invasion!

I strongly recommend Total Control.  They are the consummate professionals with very reasonable prices.  I am a hard nut to crack but I am a true believer now.


Not at all!

Home Automation is making things work how you want. Have 3-way switches that dim from both ends of the hall, or control up to 400 devices with a single button. Integrate Nest, Amazon Alexa (Echo, Dot, Tap), video doorbells, Logitech Remotes, iPhones, iPads, Android, etc.

We can control almost anything
from anywhere!

All of our electricians possess years of on-the-job experience. Not only that, they're also industry certified and committed to keeping up with the latest advances in the field. You can rest easy, because your electrical job will be in the best and most skilled hands that it can be.

Certified PROS

Anne D.  Chelsea, Manhattan, NY

Andrew is fantastic.  The quality of his work is exceptional.  He comes prepared, makes useful suggestions, offers alternatives and is extremely knowledgeable.  Knows the latest technology solution for all things home.  My house is smarter and I'm in control using just my voice.  He leaves my home in immaculate condition.  Great at teaching how to maximize your systems.

Highly recommend.

Alan C.  Camarillo

Andrew has performed many miracles when it comes to technical stuff like alarms and computers. He is punctual, polite and honest. I would recommend him to anyone that wants quality work done.

Call 866-946-4606

Atul G.  Simi Valley

Andrew is very knowledgeable about the NEST products as well as home automation. He installed a NEST thermostat in my house.  His work was excellent and clean.  Honest and very responsible and understands the importance of time, hard to find these days.

Go with someone who's been there

Total Control Home Automation


Making Life Better


Stemming from computer programming and automation many years ago, this business has naturally evolved into helping you get what you want and do what you want to have a truly Smart Home.  With solving challenges as being personally satisfying, it's even better when helping someone else enjoy the benefits of technology, often not even knowing what can be done.  

One of my favorite installs was for a quadriplegic.  My client cannot even push a button on a phone or move a mouse.  
My solution: Insteon plus Amazon Echo and a bit of custom technology.  Now he can control his lights, fan, thermostat TV & audio system, and even fully adjust his hospital bed - just by voice! 

How can I make your life better?  
And of course, all without rewiring or plaster dust.